The Passivhaus Handbook

When we started seriously considering building a Passivhaus we felt as if we were taking a leap into the unknown. Reading around the subject online gave us a lot of information, much of it contradictory. Attending self build shows brought us into contact with experts in a lot of fields but again we found much of the advice was contradictory and confused. Finding our way through the maze was proving difficult.
Feeling that while we understood the basic principles, the implications of our decisions remained less clear.
While looking for help we kept coming back to one book recommendation - The Passivhaus Handbook.

The book turned out to be a true treasure trove of information and helped answer a lot of our questions. It was never going to answer 100% of our questions but it did answer a lot more than any other source we had found. The writing style is very accessible and covers the information in small, relevant chunks. The detail level does vary and some of the more technical aspects won't be for everyone, but it does an excellent job of describing the topic in some depth.
If you find yourself in a similar situation and struggling to decide whether a passivhaus may be for you, we would recommend getting a copy.