The plot sits on a sloping site and so one of the first things that we wanted to arrange for was a topographical survey to be carried out. As a survey would be required at some point we felt that getting it done while waiting for the sale to complete would be a useful use of time.

A quick search revealed a lot of companies that advertised such services. In oreder to filter them, we asked the architects we were in discussions with for advice. Their responses resulted in us contacting 4 companies for quotes which ranged from £700 to over £1500. We didn't go with the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but the one that was the most professional in their response - Douglas Land Surveys.

As it was mid-December when we arranged for the survey we weren't sure when it would be done, but the company were amazingly responsive and arranged to complete the survey on December 19th.


Once completed the results arrived within 48 hours. Impressive service.

The 3D data has proved useful when looking at designs for the property.