We managed to meet all 3 of the architects on our shortlist at our site and had productive discussions with all of them. Following the last meeting we were faced with a difficult choice as we believed that we could work with all of them!

To try and better inform our decision we asked to speak with former clients. This was fascinating and helped us to form a fuller picture. Additionally we were able to arrange a site visit for one property that shared some similarities with ours, allowing us an opportunity to talk with another client.

We were very concious that whomever we chose would become part of our lives for the next 18-24 months, so the decision was far from easy. In all we talked with 5 former clients who were invaluable and we were very grateful for them giving up their time to talk with us.

Making the final decision was hard, but perhaps harder was telling the firms we had rejected.

Our final decision was to appoint Ewan Cameron as our architect. The factor that tipped the balance was his evident enthusiasm for our project.